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Custom workflow actions that deal with date and time values in Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015, & 2016

Add Business Days
Add Days
Add Hours
Add Minutes
Add Months
Add Years
Date Difference Days
Date Difference Hours
Date Difference Minutes
Date Difference Months
Date Difference Years
Get Day Number Of Week
Get Day Number Of Year
Get Day Of Week
Get Quarter Number Of Year
Get Week Number Of Year
Get Month Start/End Dates
Get Quarter Start/End Dates
Get Week Start/End Dates
Get Year Start/End Dates
Is Between
Is Business Day
Is Same Day
Relative Time String
To UTC String

CRM 2011 & 2013 - Go to the Downloads tab and choose the latest 1.x.x.x version from the right hand side.

*No warranty expressed or implied - use at your own risk!

If you have ideas for new functionality, suggest them in the Discussions area.

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